Last week we had our clothing swap! We held it in the Castle Dining Room at 6:00pm. We were honestly unsure of how to estimate the amount of people that would come, and we were surprised when 25 came in the first 15 minutes! When you first walked in, you were greeted by Beth and I. You signed in, were able to take a free Harry Styles sticker, and placed your clothes on the tables that were marked for the different styles of clothes. We had everyone wait in the Castle Foyer, and then called them in one by one. Everyone was so excited to get new clothes, especially since people brought really nice ones that they outgrew or didn’t want anymore. We ended up with 45 people stopping in!

We also posted our last seed yesterday. Twelve Seeds has helped me grow so much more as a person, and especially as a sustainability advocate. Working alongside Beth has been really great. We’re awesome collaborators and our strengths fit together like a puzzle and I think the Instagram account truly reflects that.

Next week is the Blitz Carnival and our second clothing swap. For our second swap, we are now giving everyone a ticket for entry to help minimize the rush towards all the clothes in the beginning of the event. We are also planning to mention to guests that they can use the bathroom as a fitting room to help minimize the amount of clothes people take that might not fit them after they go home.