So this is one of the 5 videos that I have made so far. I have finished 3 of 5 videos, in productionand editing. So far, I am learning more and more about my own culture through cooking dishes from my childhood and understanding the history behind these dishes. I am also learning more about just how important letting something cook for hours and hours on end makes a dish a lot more flavorful rather than a 30 minute to 1 hour cook. I have more videos to upload but, vimeo won’t let me add more at anytime I want to, so I might upload the rest on YouTube since there are no restrictions except for music copyrights. I also have one more video uploaded to vimeo as well but when I try to make it public, it’s forcing me to upgrade to some kind of membership where I would have to pay a monthly fee, so that’s not happening. On the other note though I have two more dishes left to do, and I am contemplating on which the dishes I want to finish with. An korean egg souffle dish that has been around the country for more than 100’s of years and I am still wondering what I should do for my last dish. I may do a dish that might take more than a full day to make and actually have it taste good.