I have been steadily working on formulating my flip book, and I have officially started working on Canva. The hardest part of my book I think was commenting on how different platforms can use specific tools and ideas. While that was a bit of a struggle, I believe I went into great detail and have laid out the basics of what an Instagram business account can do. For those who do not know, Canva is a great service to use when creating content for Instagram. Not only is it great for social media platforms, but can create many things such as my flipbook, business cards, flyers, and more. It gives you many creative elements to work with and is easy for anyone to use.


My biggest struggle in terms of design is I want the book to look professional, but not boring. I’m trying to make the book look aesthetically pleasing and easy to read, without it looking dull. I went with a blush pink background, which I think will be nicely placed behind the dark lettering. I’m not sure how long my book will end up being, but I am excited to see the final product. I’ve gathered a good bit of photos I would like to use but I still have some blank spots to fill in. I think I will end up creating some mock posts to show for examples of what different accounts can post on their Instagram. Overall, I am working very hard to make sure this flip book is up to the standards I want to achieve, and I hope people find it to be helpful!