I’m Stressed


    While things have been going well so far, I feel like I’m falling a bit behind from where I would like to be. It’s almost April which means I have a little under a month to finish the rest of my photoshoots, edit the shots, and compile a photo book for Thesis Night. Trying to coordinate schedules with other people has been a nightmare and trying to manage my own schedule and responsibilities has been pretty frustrating. I know that I definitely have enough time to get everything done, but I just feel like everything is coming up faster than I expected. I just want it all to be perfect, given it’s my last big impression to leave before I graduate from Arcadia. That being said, the shoots so far have been going super well and the products are exceeding my expectations. I’m loving the story that I’m getting to tell and I hope that others will enjoy it once it’s all presented. Stressed, anxious, but excited to continue working.