Julia and I’s project has been progressing a lot over the past few weeks. We have been continuing with posting our seeds on Instagram. Twelve.seeds is at 74 followers and we even received a follow from the local plant store, Primex! The both of us have been having a lot of fun learning and doing different sustainable activities and practices. As for the event, we are just about done planning everything. All that we have left to do is create signage and finish up purchasing the materials we need. The big event is less than a month away which is crazy to think of, but I believe it will be a really fulfilling experience.  There was a change in our original plan, but it is definitely for the better. In the beginning, we planned on doing some form of clothing swap at our station during the Blitz carnival. However, after hearing input from friends and peers, we decided to create a whole separate event specifically for the clothing swap. It is happening this Monday, April 4 and we are extremely excited! We have been promoting it on our Instagram page and hanging flyers around campus. There has been a lot of positive feedback so we look forward to seeing how many people join us.