Blog Title: Documentary Plans


This is my third blog for my senior seminar creative project. Here is some information on how the project will be proceeding onward from this point.

I’m trying to collect some various video resources. Mainly some “footage” about the Jersey Devil and also some footage of the Pine Barren pine lands among other things. I am also going to be filming some of my own videos of the Pine Barrens and of some interviews of people over spring break. I am currently looking for locations, though I have some places already in mind. I also plan to film some footage in Bristol, PA. In relation to where some sightings of the monster were in the 1900s.

I am collecting some visuals that can be used as in-betweens for the documentary. May make some visuals myself that may appear in short scenes. I am also going to be making an opening title card for the documentary.

Writing and Audio:
Planning to write out a script that will be used mainly for the narration of the documentary. I am looking into how to best properly format the script in accordance with the order of sequences in the documentary. Also looking for some apps to use for voice recording. I have bought a microphone in which to use for audio when I go to record the narration.

Other Tentative Plans:
I estimate that the documentary entirely may be a half an hour long to 40 minutes. For some other parts of the project, I may decide to fill in some of the spaces with fake advertisements/commercials. But what they might be or if they will even be added in is yet to be decided.