We’re Getting Somewhere


After much consideration, I decided to change my creative thesis a while ago.

Instead of doing video Haikus, I am compiling a series of video profiles of people in my life who I associate with a feeling or a color or a trait of theirs. If you’ve ever heard of synesthesia, I have that with people and moving forward, I am going to capture the “essence” of that person through my lens of how I see them. I was told to create 30 second clips of people and to keep it simple, clean and more meditative. Even though the essence of my piece remains similar, I will be focusing on people rather than objects, and places. I am still gathering short clips and am using my method of creative expression but hopefully I capture how I see that person through my eyes.

As I said in my last blog, I was going through it and I think part of the problem was that I didn’t have hardcore deadlines to work on. Alan ended up telling me to shoot five people per week so by Thesis Day, I should have around 40 – 50 videos to work with. I am slowly but surely working through them, I already compiled 7 people’s “essense” so I am more than ready to move forward with this project.

It’s going to be rough during spring break because I’m going to miss out on weeks of shooting. I’m not in town the week after spring break either so I will need to catch up on weeks of missed work but I think if I pump out eight videos this upcoming week, it should even itself out by the time I return. I think if I have 20 GOOD videos by Thesis Day, I’m on the right track.