First Photoshoot

Finally, I was able to start putting in some work for my photo book. Coordinating with other people’s schedules can be very frustrating, but luckily my friend Jack and I were able to find time to work on my first shooting idea this past weekend. And let’s just say…I’m so hyped for how the photos turned out. This one is just a preview of the type of aesthetic I was trying to achieve for this specific shoot. Since I’m focusing on color and emotions and sexuality, I wanted there to be a lot of layers to each idea and be able to tell a story through the photo book series. This shoot specifically was focused on blue and purple hues, with the emotions of sadness, exhaustion, loneliness, all pairing together while I’m sitting in the bathtub. (It’s giving Euphoria vibes.) Anyways, I’m super excited to keep working and can’t wait to share some more previews of the work going forward