Now that I have my layout ready. I have been filming for the last couple of weeks. It’s been a struggle filming because I don’t have a full crew. Therefore, I had to do the most filming and directing. I enjoy the process because I have to encounter this in my career. The other day I came across this video that inspired me to be myself and have fun in what I am doing. At the beginning of this project, I thought I would make my video sound professional and step out of my character without showing flaws. I didn’t think about being myself, showing everyone my true self. The video pushed me to be myself in spike of people’s opinions and comments. So, I took a lot of big words out of my films and added words I usually use every day. The video also talked about many people would accept who you are if you accept yourself. If a person sees you struggling with self-doubt, they know you don’t have any confidence, which causes them to walk all over you. When a person knows you have confidence in yourself, they will respect you. Now I am just being myself through my whole video and learning to paste myself as well. I can’t wait until I complete the project to start editing because that is a long process.