I’ve been thinking a lot more about the direction that I want to go in for my project. In the last blog I mentioned the concept of photographing trash to represent life and environmental issues. For this blog I want to expand on these ideas a little bit more. I narrowed down some possible methods around this that I can work with. One method is the one I mentioned in my last blog about walking the streets near me and photographing what I see at the dumpsters and on the road. Random wrappers, shattered glass, etc. really focus on the products themselves and what story they can tell and ask why they’re being thrown out. Another idea I had was collecting certain trash to make it into a bugger piece. Such as a clothing piece, some kind of prop, a background set for self portraiture, or even using the trash to form art such as sculpture mixed media. I have started exploring these concepts and will continue to try new things involving the photographing of trash. In the coming weeks I plan to investigate these new avenues a bit more and see what might spark my creativity. Overall, I am really interested to see where this project leads me and see what I decide to go further with exploring.