Hello! So, this is my second blog. I created a trailer for my documentary/short film. The link will be added below. I always make a trailer for every film I make to preview the audience. Creating a trailer was long because I had to film different parts and then edit on adobe premiere. I talked about how filming started when I was little in the trailer. Also, I talked about even when people say I should do something else; I still will pursue my dream of filming. Then, I capture places around my neighborhood for B shots. I enjoy using voice-over and adding music. It makes the video better and more interesting. I included two of my family members in my trailer. I asked them to answer one question. When it comes to filming, what do you think about me? They both said some encouraging words. I am still in the thinking process in my project. I want to see what videos of myself I want to use. I am looking for people to help me film. Since I am talking about my filming process, I need to show clips of me actually working and filming. The other day my sister asked me questions I should answer in my film. What does that mean to turn film into your dreams? Is your dream solely film? What do you hope to achieve through filming? Who is your favorite director? Your dream to film, but what does achieving that dream look like? What challenges have you overcome? Now I am in the process of actually filming the movie. Stay tuned!