Since my last blog, I can definitely say that my capstone project has gained a much clearer direction. From having way too many ideas came the idea of acting upon one of my dreams .. which is to become a producer. Along with the help of Dr. Holderman, Professor Powell, and Julia Rodriguez, I will be helping to take over the ARC Radio station.

The ARC radio station started in 1988 with the call sign WBVR. The ARC is Arcadia University’s student-run radio station broadcasting non-commercial freeform content. Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic began (March 2020) the ARC has been inactive. This year the Media Communications department has been working with the university to take over the ARC and restart it.

Now, we have officially been granted access to the ARC and today 02/09/2022 we were able to visit it for the first time. When we first stepped into the ARC it was as if we stepped into a time capsule of 2020. Everything was powered off, dusty, and just as the students left it back in March 2020. We turned on the lights, powered on the computers, and got to work exploring all of the equipment in the ARC station and how it all works. The goal for all of this is that by the end of the semester Arcadia will once again have a fully functioning student-run radio station. I am excited to start exploring radio production, programming, and to get the ARC radio station up and running, and to make it way better than it ever was before.