Within the past two weeks, Beth and I have created an Instagram account called @twelve.seeds to document our progress as we become more sustainable individuals. Last week our first “Seed” was an at-home garden. We reused an old ramen container & tupperware with no lid and planted our own basil and parsley that we plan (/hope) to cook with later on in our seeds series. This was cheap and fun, and we were especially excited to find out that the seeds were local to arcadia- in Warminster! Our second Seed was on a trip to the thrift store, exercising sustainable habits even at a second hand store. With the introduction of tiktok, and our generation in general, young adult fashion has a focus on a “thrifted” look. This style is affordable and unique, but does come with sustainability issues with over-buying thrifted clothes because they are affordable. Someone might be tempted to impulsively buy something just because it’s not expensive, which in turn creates an overconsumption that will eventually lead to the item being wasted. A good practice while shopping is to think the following: “Do I like this or do I like the price? Do I already own something similar? Can I see myself using this in 6 months?”. 

      For our event, we are still figuring out the logistics behind funding and if we are going to be partnering with Student Affairs for Spring Fling. We really want our event to be focused on education about sustainability and environmentalism, and we want the event to be our own ideas. Finding that balance will be tricky, but we are ready to work with others and appreciate the support we’re receiving!