My project has been going really well so far as Julia and I have been very productive. So far we have created an Instagram account called @twelve.seeds and have a full content plan ready to be implemented. The feed has a cohesive theme that we are already proud of and excited to share more of with our followers. The account has 45 followers which is exciting for us considering we created it just a week ago! We have been posting educational and documentary style content of our sustainability journey. The two of us are learning a lot thus far and it has only been a few days. Our first two seeds were planting an at home garden of herbs and thrift shopping; the next seed will be all about composting! Julia and I also have been in contact with many people on and off campus to get the ball rolling on our event. We decided it will be in conjunction with the Spring Fling on Earth Day. It seems as though the university is also excited for our project because new additions and partnerships are being addressed. A few things we are looking forward to for our event are a possible petting zoo and a generous donation of gift cards from the local plant shop, Primex. This process has been a lot of fun and I am excited to see how everything turns out in the end. Julia is a great partner and our individual skills combine perfectly together, making us a great team.