This is my last blog for the senior website, and I must say I am HAPPY that this semester is almost over! I am starting to feel optimistic about being able to complete all the end of the year assignments. The semester went fast, too fast, I wish there were a little more time left in order to wrap up a few things without feeling like I am rushing. I am sure all seniors are probably feeling this way right now. This semester was an experience within itself! My course load was heavy, but I must say I had good support from my advisor, professors and classmates. It is not easy returning back to school after a hiatus, but I am happy that I did it I have one more semester to go (Fall 21). Okay, so let me start talking about my Senior Project, as I stated before I am finishing up my original poems along with pictures of the villains, I discussed in my thesis paper. I realized while doing this project that I am better at writing poetry when I can freestyle. By having a particular topic or character I feel like my creative juices are not flowing as freely. I have a few more days to finish up so we will see how it goes. CONGRATULATUIONS & Good Luck to the seniors graduating this semester! To the rest of the seniors stay focused and stress free, we are up next!