I am finally done with my website and recording music. All the music is on my website at https://drodriguezcayro.wixsite.com/devoncayro. I ended up recording 4 songs on Garageband that I have written. Three of them are more on the produced and band side (Blue Eyes, Hunter, Cherry Lips) and the other, Unraveling, is acoustic. I chose to keep Unraveling acoustic and only add harmonies in a couple spots, but the others are more up beat and bluesy so I added more instruments. It was a process learning how to use the recording softwares, midi keyboard, and to edit the automation, pitch and other things on the songs, but I like the way they turned out! In addition to the songs I wrote and recorded I also created a website with all my information, videos, music, and links to my other music pages. I enjoyed making the website and formatting it to look the way I wanted it to. For my position paper I chose to write it about Animal Welfare in the United States. After graduation I plan to work in a non profit setting, hopefully at an animal shelter, so i wanted to research more about welfare and how it can be improved.