I got some footage a couple days ago. These may not be the final versions I use for the visual album but I wanted to get an idea of what it would look like. I was able to find particular locations that I like in case I need to get more footage or reshoot what I already have. The shots include one from a car that will open the album, footage of me reciting the lyrics of the second track, Journey, and some shots of various bodies of water. I still have to shoot the second half of the first track (my legs walking towards a forest) as well as everything for the third track (the beach). 


I’ve worked out a shot list:

  • Black screen with narration as the first song starts up
  • Car shot as the beat hits
  • Car door closes, camera follows me (shot from the knees down) as I approach a forest
  • Nature shots
  • Camera starts focused on a tree before I walk into the shot and the camera follows me while I recite lyrics
  • Cut to bodies of water, representing the coming location change
  • Shots on a beach


Here is some of the footage I have so far: