I have been going back and forth with ideas for the Creative Project. Even though we were told that the Position Paper and the Creative Project does not have to be on the same topic I want the two to be relatable. Not only do I want them to connect, I also want the topic to be interesting enough to keep me engaged. I want to enjoy doing this project because I have enough WORK to keep me busy this semester. Deadlines are approaching so I had to commit to a topic for a thesis statement for the Position Paper. I bounced ideas off of family and friends and FINALLY came up with a thesis statement I consider to be interesting and FUN! After some fine tuning I completed the proposal for the Position Paper. This is where the idea for my Creative Project started to take form and make sense. I talked it over with a classmate, K.C who is also my Tutor, she gave me some GREAT ideas. After our conversation I made the decision to do both assignments on the topic “Villains”. The creative project will be a collection of poems based on individual villains. I will make a website to showcase each villain’s backstory along with a poem. In total I will need between 5-10 original poems and pictures.