I don’t know if you know this about upstate New York, but it snows. A lot. And it’s cold all the time. Given that my photographs will mostly be taken in outdoor locations, the weather has been a major hurdle that is finally becoming less of a problem as we start getting some sun and 60 degree temps. Instead of photographing these last few weeks, I’ve been working on the actual design of my books and how exactly I want to present them. I think I’ve officially decided that I will be attempting to finish two photo books that oppose each other. Most recently, I’ve thought about titles and layout and I discovered a program that allows me to mess with all of those things very easily. It’s sort of fun to imagine what my book is going to look like but it also makes me so nervous because I want it to be perfect. Thankfully, I have another month to tweak all of the little things. For now I have about 15 pages that are not all filled yet but the photographs will be the focus for the next few weeks.