Hi everyone! I hope you and your loved ones are all staying safe and healthy as we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. I’m writing to you live from my high school boyfriend’s apartment. Though that last sentence makes my current situation sound extremely problematic, I can assure you that we are just good friends these days. He’s in his first year of law school in a different state and, having recently been dumped, I desperately needed a physical separation from Pennsylvania for a bit. Because he is in classes or doing homework for most of his days, I’ve found myself being more productive writing-wise than usual. More specifically, my essay about my deep love for Trader Joe’s has been easy to write as has my piece about all of the men I’ve dated, which has a new addition for obvious reasons! In some ways, reflecting on my past relationships has been a bit difficult. It doesn’t make me sad (in most cases) but it has led me to think about what I’m really looking for in a long-term romantic partner. Seeing as though I came out as bisexual back in May 2020, I have considered finally dating another woman. I guess another part of me wants to stay single for a long stretch of time after a string of relationships. Regardless, I think this reflection will prove for an interesting read in For The Record! I’m looking forward to the next few months of nice weather, writing, and (hopefully) a COVID-19 vaccine.