Thesis: Podcasts are much more effective because they are more accessible, better at capturing the audience’s attention, and can be used to educate people on important issues or start a conversation.

Podcasts are more accessible as a form of news and information for audiences to consume because of the portability of them and the independence that allows creators to share information not covered on mainstream news.


  • They don’t require a television connection or subscription
    • Nicole Martin says: “Social media has become the main source of news online with more than 2.4 billion internet users, nearly 64.5 percent receive breaking news from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram instead of traditional media.” 
  • They’re portable and episodes can be downloaded to be listened to offline, so can reach people who don’t have access to internet or television from their homes
  • They can be listened to during a commute or road trip
  • There is also increasing support for the fact that younger and more educated generations are turning away from television as their main news source
    • Katerina Matsa wrote that in 2018, only 8% of adults ages 18-29 got their news from network television, but that number increases to 49% with people 65 and older. 
    • She also says that: For adults who have completed college, 26% get their news from local television, while 21% consume network television, compared to 47% and 31% of those who have only completed high school. Suggesting a correlation between education, income, and consumption of news.